Hi! Welcome to My Sweet Blog.

I’m happy you’re here. My name is Niki (Nikča), and I’ve always had a passion for baking. Even as a child, I wanted to help in the kitchen whenever someone baked sweet desserts.
My love for baking has never changed since then - it guides me through my life so far. I enjoy baking my favourite desserts and trying &creating new recipes at the same time.

Why did I decide to create Soufflé is not Muffin blog?

I was thinking of creating my blog a couple of times before but never realized it. So what was actually the breaking point? When I decided to learn to programm. It took me some time to learn the basics and go through a tutorial, but I managed it! Soufflé is not Muffin is my very first project -> the blog is completely written by me. Thanks to Ruby on Rails tutorial and my boyfriend’s advice, I managed to develop the blog quite quickly. P.S. I think I’m developing a passion for programming and coding (will see where it takes me).

What kind or recipes will you find here?

Let's say everything. A couple of years ago, I found out that I have an allergy to wheat. Since then, I don't bake much with this grain (sometimes I do, e.g. Christmas cookies are much tasteful with wheat flour). So from this time on, I bake exclusively with rice, almond or soy flours (basically it's gluten-free). In most recipes, you will find alternatives to the original ingredients in the brackets to make the dessert completely lactose-free or vegan. I add recipes that I literally made up on my own or use recipes from some (old) cookbooks and give them a fresh twist. I also enjoy surfing the net and searching for some inspirations.

Do I plan to add some more features?

Well, I'm not sure right now. I'll probably add some information about how long it takes to prepare the dessert or how many people it can actually serve. I'll see then.

You can’t see any ads...Why?

It’s completely intentional. Since I developed the blog from scratch, I have full control of what is displayed on every page. And here, I promise you that there will never ever be any annoying ads. Two reasons:

  1. When I surf the food blogs and choose a recipe to make, I don't like when I want to scroll down to see all of the ingredients, and on the way, I click on at least two ads, which redirect me somewhere else. It's really annoying (especially on mobile screens).
  2. I work in marketing. I used to manage Facebook and Google ads. Firstly, I found it pretty cool. But this approach changed quite quickly when I started realizing and reading about how these tech giants make it possible to target and optimize the ads so greatly. It's simple. They abuse data they gather about you. And I don't want to be part of it.

Cookies (I mean the technical stuff)

Since I don’t want to provide data to Google nor Facebook, there will never ever be Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel implemented. Right now, I'm using a very simple analytics called ahoy (of course GDPR compliant).

Contact me

I'll be very happy to hear your feedback - either on the blog itself or on the recipes. Feel free to contact me on: souffleisnotmuffin@pm.me